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Kindergarten Transportation

All Kindergarten students eligible for transportation are welcomed and encouraged to ride their assigned bus where they will quickly become a part of the MISD transportation community. Parents of all students that qualify for transportation will receive an email from the Transportation Department inviting them to electronically sign up for transportation via the Parent Portal of Bus Quest APP.

Kindergartners ride the same bus and use the same stops as other students attending their school and follow the same rules as other riders with the following exceptions. District policy requires that all Kindergartners must be met at the stop by a designated adult to receive them after school whether at the home stop or at an alternative care location. Older siblings cannot be considered an adult, so a waiver of release is required if you want your Kindergartner to be released with only a sibling present. You can sign a waiver that will allow the kindergartner to be dropped without an adult. Students in all other grades can be dropped without an adult present. If using an after school care location, be sure to make this arrangement with the care workers receiving your child. To waive this condition click here to complete Adult in Attendance Waiver. 

Starting as a bus rider at the beginning of the year is a great way for Kindergarteners to learn how to become safe and happy riders. Drivers spend time at the start of each year explaining the rules to the students. Keep in mind that the rules are all about safety. Help keep your student safe by supporting our efforts. Please share with your Kindergartener the “Rules and Tips for Riding the Bus” sheet.

Be at the stop each day at least 5 minutes early to meet the bus.  Remember, Wednesday’s are early release days and school dismisses at 2:05pm, which is one hour and 40 minutes earlier than other days.  It is very important to keep early release days in mind, so as not miss your child at the stop.  If no adult is present at the stop, the child will either be returned to the school of attendance or the transportation department. Parents or emergency contacts will be contacted to come pick up the student.

For specific information about your child, please contact the Transportation Department at 206-236-3338 or 3335.