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MISD and MIEA Agree on One Year Contract for 2023-24 School Year

MISD and MIEA Agree on One Year Contract for 2023-24 School Year
MISD Communications

Mercer Island, WA, June 23, 2023 - The Mercer Island School District and the Mercer Island Education Association (MIEA), the union that represents district certificated and classified staff, are pleased to announce they have agreed on a one year contract for the 2023-24 school year.

“We are pleased to have come to an agreement with MIEA on a contract for this coming school year,” said Superintendent Dr. Fred Rundle. “In recent years our negotiations have gone well into August and even into September. Having this contract done before the summer break will allow our district to prepare for and launch the 2023-24 school year without the added variable of not having a contract.”

“I want to thank MIEA President Sally Loeser for her partnership on this contract and I am looking forward to our partnership in the years to come,” continued Rundle. “I also want to thank the district’s Executive Director, Compliance, Legal Affairs, and HR, Erin Battersby, for her work leading our negotiating team and collaboration with MIEA.

“On behalf of the over 400 Mercer Island Education Association members, I would like to thank our MIEA and MISD bargaining teams for their work this Spring,” said Loeser. “MIEA members are thankful to be entering a summer with our Collective Bargaining Agreements settled for the 2023-2024 school year. 

“This was not an easy bargain for MIEA nor MISD due, in large part, to the District’s financial situation and the cost of living in our region. MIEA entered this bargain prioritizing our member’s economic security and the creation of working conditions that equitably support educators and their students.”

“I have appreciated Dr. Rundle’s leadership style and his emphasis on clear and accurate communication as well as the effectiveness of the MISD Finance Team and Human Resources Team. Their collaboration allowed our bargain to progress quickly. I would also like to acknowledge the positive impact that Fred’s work as Superintendent has had on the employees of the Mercer Island School District.” 

“As President of Mercer Island Education Association, I am happy to be heading into a summer without a complicated bargain tagging along.”

For this first time in Superintendent Rundle’s 13 years with the district, we head into the summer with a contract with MIEA in place and the district budget for the next school year already approved.

The first day of school for the 2023-24 school year is Wednesday, August 30 for grades 1-12. The first day of kindergarten in 2023-24 is Tuesday, September 5.

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