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BSU Dinner Connects Black Families on Mercer Island

BSU Dinner Connects Black Families on Mercer Island
MISD Communications

On February 9, over 100 Black and African American parents and students from the Mercer Island School District gathered for the first annual Black Student Union Dinner (BSU) at Mercer Island High School.  Elementary, middle, and high school students and parents came together to promote community, inclusion, and unity.

The dinner was organized by MIHS junior Tewodros (Teddy) Sanchez-Alemu, who was inspired to have the dinner after the first BSU mentorship program meeting at West Mercer Elementary in November, where Black elementary students connected with high school BSU mentors. The BSU mentorship program is led by senior Jamison Drayton.

“I was amazed by the sense of community and connection we had with those that we just met, and I could see the joy of the kids to see those similar to them,” Tewodros said. 

With the support from BSU advisors, Kelly John-Lewis, Beniam Yetbarek, and Valerie Perine, and the school district, the BSU Dinner will be an annual event to continue with these connections.

Before dinner was served, BSU advisor Kelly gave a welcome speech to families and let parents know that now that his sons are away at college, his priorities have changed.  “Now, I am here for your kids,” he said.  “You are not alone.”

Along with Teddy, BSU members Brooks Kashai and Joy Pearl gave moving speeches.  Here are the transcripts of the speeches:

Here is the Mercer Island Reporter article about BSU’s schedule of Black History Month events. 

For questions about the high school’s Black Student Union, please contact Kelly-John Lewis, Beniam Yetbarek, or Valerie Perine. For questions about the BSU mentorship program, please contact Soyun Chow

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