Dear Students and Parents,


    Welcome! I look forward to serving and working with you and your student this year. We have a lot of fun activities, lessons, discussions, and adventures planned. I appreciate your willingness to assist in our classroom.

    As you probably already know, my name is Rachel Gentillon. I am originally from Missouri and just moved to Washington this month. Right now, it is just me, my husband, and our Shorkie, Cece, but I am excited to announce that we are expecting a baby girl. I love Dr. Pepper, memes, movies, tv shows, and video games. But most of all, I love teaching. Ever since I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a teacher. I have recently earned two bachelor's degrees in Special Education and Spanish Education at Utah Valley University and I have previously earned a Psychology degree at Brigham Young University. I am currently pursuing my masters degree in Special Education and Applied Behavioral Analysis at the University of Washington.  


    I have an older brother with Down-syndrome and an older sister with Schizophrenia so working with people with disabilities came naturally. I spent most of my high school career volunteering for Special Olympics and tutoring those with learning disabilities. Upon graduating high school, I missed that involvement so I decided to study Psychology and Special Education while working as a Substitute Teacher/Paraeducator. I eventually became a Substitute Teacher/Paraeducator for local treatment centers and other private institutions. I found that I loved working with students from all backgrounds and seeing them progress in their academic and personal lives. 


    While volunteering and working in Special Education, I noticed that there were a lot of English Language Learners in Special Education because of the communication barrier. I felt this was and still is a serious and growing problem. In order to address this concern, I decided to also study Spanish Education. I have always appreciated Spanish and even considered being an immigration lawyer, but my aspirations were in education. I eventually went on a service mission in a predominantly Spanish speaking area. There, I was able to be immersed in the language and the culture. I was also able to create my own Spanish curriculum and teach it to native English speakers. It was an experience I will never forget.

     I have been a Certified Teacher for the past 5 years. I taught Spanish to high school students for the first 2 years and I taught Special Education to high school students with severe disabilities for the last 2 years. I also had the opportunity to work as the Special Education Instructional Coach, where I was able to mentor other General Education and Special Education teachers. Although most of my recent experience was primarily high school focused, I am eager to embark on this new journey with you and your students.

    These opportunities have allowed me to develop patience, charity, and empathy for others, especially my students. I look forward to meeting with you and getting to know you personally. Thank you for your support, consideration, and time.




    Rachel Gentillon

    Special Education Teacher 

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