Staff/Student Health Screening Information

How Will Staff Review Health Attestations?

  • In order to help provide assurance for the health and safety of our staff and students receiving in person services, it will be important that staff verify student attestations multiple times throughout the morning.  This will help provide a check and balance to help ensure this process is a accurate as possible.
    Our Transportation Department and front office staff at our school buildings receive automated reports for the completed, failed and incomplete attestations.  Families with students who are riding the bus should complete the attestation before 8 AM to help ensure that we are able to run our trasportation routes quickly and efficiently.  Staff will also verify student attestations at the parent drop off for our elementary students as they arrive to the building.
    Finallly, teachers will be able to verify the student health attestations using the Skyward attendance module.  There are indicators on the attendance screen that show 1) If a student has not completed their health attestation and 2) If a student has failed their health attestation.  Please click here for a document that provides screenshots for what these indicators look like.  Please note that these colors and characters were chosen to look different than the indicators for an IEP or other existing indicators.
    Wellness Screening Failed = a black box with a X
    Wellness Screening Not Completed = a gray box with a W
    Wellness Screening Completed & Passed = Blank (no X or W)