Establishing and Verifying Residency

  • State law requires that a student reside within the district boundaries to be eligible for enrollment, or have been approved for an interdistrict transfer. Residency is the physical location where the student resides. For families with shared custody (i.e. divorced, separated) this is generally defined as the location where a student spends a minimum of four nights a week. A student must live within the Mercer Island District attendance boundaries and establish residency to be eligible for enrollment.

    All families are required to establish Mercer Island residency prior to student enrollment. For detailed information about enrollment, please read Board Policy 3120.

    Residents will need to present new proofs of residency to a school registrar if they move to a different location on the island. For detailed information about establishing residency, including the necessary documents, please read the information in Board Policy form 3120 F1.