• Attendance

    In addition to Mercer Island School District Board Policy 3122 A, it is the position of the Mercer Island High School community that regular attendance leads to optimum academic progress, prepares students for college and career readiness, and prepares students for active participation in our society. The purpose of this policy is to maximize instructional time and encourage student responsibility. Overall, contact with teachers, students, and the wider community is an irreplaceable and necessary aspect of the learning process.   

    It takes the partnership of parents and school faculty and staff to keep students safe and regularly in school. With the cooperation of parents scheduling family vacations around the school year calendar, students are able to avoid non-attendance on regularly scheduled school days. If you know that your child will miss school for any reason, please notify the school office as soon as possible. After an unplanned absence, it is important for your student to bring a written and signed excuse to school.

    We have a heavily revised Attendance Code for the 2022-2023 academic year! If you have not already, please review the full updated code here.

    Please also consult the MIHS Resource Guide for more information on attendance policies, mental health resources, and technology support.

    Per RCW, no student shall be denied access to graduation nor advancement solely on the basis of absenteeism.


    • Absenteeism: student absences from classes or school for any reason
    • Truancy: student absences from classes or school without excuse(s)
    • Full-day absence: a student will be counted for a full-day absence when they are absent for half or more of their classes on the given day.
    • Chronically absent: a student is considered chronically absent when their attendance rate is below 90%
    • Tardy/Absent: attendance code for students who are 10 or more minutes tardy to class. This is a tardy code.

    Please feel free to contact Kate Halter, Attendance Manager, with questions, comments, or concerns.