• PDEnroller Teacher How To

    Create an Account (Visual instructions):
        The preferred method is to use EDS login.  This will populate your profile with your MISD information. And hopefully in the future pass your clockhours back to the EDS system for recertification.  And is you always use the EDS button you will never create a second account.

    Login Link:    Remember it is preferred to use EDS login button to avoid creating a duplicate account and run the risk of splitting your registrations across two accounts.

    Verifying your Profile (Visual Instructions):
       You must make sure the employment section of your Profile shows that your work for Mercer Island School District.  Two reasons for this are...
          1) Some courses are restricted to only MISD employees and will be hidden from all other users in the state.
          2) If you are not part of the MISD family your transcript will not print with the colorful PSESD logo and be considered unofficial.

    How to Search For a course:
    Link above shows how to search by event number, calendar, and/or keyword. 

    How to Register for an Course
        1) Click on Title of Course
        2) Click on big Green Register Now Button...follow the instruction on screen to finish.
        3) Optional to add others to your registrations. Make sure you select the correct people there are 150,000+ users in PDE many have the same or similar names.

    How to Print a Transcript
       Written instructions with pictures
       Narrated Video Demonstration (1:31)


    Looking for Admin Help Go Here (ex. Creating an event, recording attendance, etc.)