• Welcome to Preschool at Northwood Elementary


           My name is April McNeill. This will be my first year teaching here at Northwood Elementary. I have been teaching in Early Childhood Special Education settings for nearly twenty years now. Prior to gaining my Special Education Teaching credential, I studied Early Childhood Education and taught in a community preschool. I love working with young children and I feel privileged to walk alongside each student in his or her journey through the preschool years. It is such an exciting time in a young child's life. Preschool is really the first time that a child ventures outside of the family to participate independently in the wider community. My goal is to make certain that each child has a positive experience here in preschool as we prepare them for future school experiences.

          I am always excited to get to know new students. Each student brings his or her own unique personality along with a set of unique strengths and challenges. In working with each student, I am seeking the answer to the following question. "How can I use this student's unique set of strengths to help him or her develop new skills? In selecting which new skills to focus on, I try to identify the skills that will afford that student the most opportunities to participate fully in current and future school settings. As parents you already know your child better than anyone, I welcome any information that can share with me about your child that will help me understand what may work best for him or her. 

           I am very happy to be joining the Preschool Team here at Northwood. Northwood is absolutely the most beautiful school I have ever worked in. Our preschool classroom is filled with light and we have amazing resources and materials that will allow us to provide your child with an incredible preschool experience. We will be using the Creative Curriculum which is a research based curriculum that provides opportunities for children to explore and construct their own knowledge based on real life experiences, observations, experiments and discussions. I look forward to meeting you all at our Open House on September 7th. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail with any questions you may have at April.McNeill@mercerislandschools.org