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  • Welcome, humans!

    I'm Sean O'Callaghan. This will be only be my fourth year as a teacher (an old novice - double trouble!) and I'm lucky to say that I've been a Northwood Owl for as long as I've been a teacher. A lifetime ago I got an MFA from Columbia University in fillmaking dreaming I was going to some trailer park Bergman or Tarkovsky, and more recently and more relevant to teaching, I have a Masters in Teaching from The University of Washington.

    I have two children. Rainier is four and Maple is sixteen. When Maple came into my life she evolved me and healed me in ways I never saw coming, and Rainier is knocking the rust off me that slowly accreted over time. Having a three year old at nearly fifty years old feels like I am raising my own grandson!

    I like to run far, mostly in the mountains and in the deserts. I've completed multiple ultra marathon runs of distances up to 100 miles. Running around in our brutal and beautiful mountains here in the Pacific Northwest is my favorite physical activity, and when I'm being lazy, listening to records and watching films (and by watching films I mostly mean rewatching old boring pretentious cherished cinema gems) are my chosen activities.

    I answered the call to become a teacher relatively late in life, and I am so glad I did. There is a breeze at my back when I'm doing the hard and satisfying work of distilling all the big ideas and inspriations of my life into a primary classroom setting so that my K babies may make contact with them, and therby begin to realize themselves and to realize each other. If your little sappling has been transferred into 116 soil for nine months, I am glad of it, and I hope at some point you feel the same.