• Welcome to Spanish at Northwood!  ¡Bienvenidos! 

    Lyndsey Daniels
    Lyndsey Daniels
    World Language Teacher 
    Spanish Specialist
    Northwood Elementary
    Island Park Elementary


    Welcome to Profesora Daniels' Spanish Class! This is my third year at Northwood Elementary and with the Mercer Island School District.  I am excited to announce that I will also be teaching Spanish at Island Park Elementary this year. I LOVE teaching Spanish and and I am thrilled to be working in a district that is bringing World Language instruction to elementary-aged students. 
    Prior to coming to Northwood, I was teaching high school & college students in the Enumclaw area.  I studied Spanish at Seattle University and I lived in Puebla, Mexico for a portion of my undergraduate studies.  I am VERY passionate about travel and have enjoyed learning the Spanish language & culture first hand through travel and exchange programs.  I love sharing my stories, songs, art, and cultural experiences with Northwood students! 
    This year our Elementary Spanish Team is working with classroom teachers in the mornings supporting the academic core and then producing supplemental Spanish lessons for asynchronous afternoon learning.  While I will miss teaching Spanish daily (and in person!), I am happy that I will be able to support the Core Academics and my learners where help is needed most during remote learning.
    Spanish will be alternating delivering lessons to SeeSaw every other week on Fridays.  So each Friday, students will either have an Art or Spanish lesson.   So, everyother week anticipate to find short videos and/or activities published in your students' SeeSaw account from me.  It is my intention to incorporate all the components of language learning in these posts:  Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Culture.  I am aware that students will enter my classes at all different levels of Spanish learning and will work to make the lessons "doable" and enjoyable for all students.
    Muchas Gracias,
    Lyndsey Daniels, "Profa"