• A cartoon drawing of Mrs. Larson

    5th Grade with Mrs. Anne Larson

    Island Park Elementary School


    Mrs. Larson's Virtual Classroom 


    COVID-19 Update:

    I miss everyone! Thank you for all of your support from home!!

    If you'd like to keep in touch with me and our class, login to Seesaw. I'll post daily messages and you can comment on our posts to stay in touch. Check out my "Interesting Web Resources" page for links to Seesaw, iCivics, and the MISD technology resources. If you need help with any of the resources, please email me.

    School District Website - COVID-19 Resources

    To keep up to date, please check your email regularly and visit the website above. I will continue to communicate through email and on Seesaw with our students.



    A little about me:


    My love of Star Wars began my interest in all things "techie", "geeky", and "nerdy".  Watching the imagination of what life could be like with the use of technology sparked my journey into technology instruction and design.  Education and technology go hand in hand especially, when learning comes first.  My passions are to highlight opportunities for students to show their knowledge in ways that reflect his/her interests and ideas.

    Balance is important to stay healthy, mentally and physically.  Camping, hiking, and working out keep me balanced.  This time gives me a chance to "unplug" and reflect.