State Testing


    Assessment Information 
    Washington State students are tested regularly by the state to assess their progress as they move through Mercer Island Schools. These tests help determine students' progress toward college and career readiness as well as offer checkpoints for the school district. Though these tests are required for state and federal accountability Mercer Island School District also values these results and uses them to determine how to best serve our student population. Below you will find information regarding state assessments administered to students on a general education track for graduation.
    • Graduation information can be found here.
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    • Achievement levels and testing information can be found here. 
    • Score information here
     Grade  ELA  Math
    3 X
    4 X X
    5 X X
    6 X X
    7 X
    10* X X
    5th Grade- Science
    8th Grade- Science 
    The WA-AIM is an alternate assessment based on alternate achievement standards aligned to the Common Core State Standards for students with significant cognitive challenges.