Accelerated Math

  • There are some students who are ready for an accelerated math trajectory. To accommodate these students, the District provides on-ramps for students to accelerate through the material in an effort to keep the students challenged. The process for placement in accelerated math is different, depending on the student's grade

    Current 4th Grade Student Placement for 2021-2022:

    All 4th-grade students will have access to accelerated content/standards during the 2021-2022 school year based on their demonstrated mastery of 5th-grade math content/standards Information will be disseminated from each building principal before the start of the 2021-2022 school year. Students do not need to test or be nominated to have access to this opportunity. 

    Current 5th Grade Student Placement for 2021-2022:

    All current 5th-grade students will complete the Iowa Assessments in Math and Computation on 6th grade standards since this is the content they would essentially be "skipping" in order to enroll in accelerated math in their classes on May 19, 2021, using their District iPads. This will be the component in a newly revised three-pronged process: 

    Component 1: Universal screening of all 5th-grade students using Iowa Assessments. Students who score in the 80th percentile and above will be invited to move to step 2. Students who do not score in the 80th percentile or above or who opt out of testing will be enrolled in 6th-grade math. 

    Component 2: Identified students (those who scored in the 80th percentile or higher) will then be invited to take the MISD math challenge exam for the math course they wish to enroll in. This test will occur on June 9, 2021 during students' afternoon instructional block. They will eat lunch at school and complete the exam on site. Transportation will be provided at the conclusion of testing this day. Students who score an 80% or higher on the challenge exam will be eligible for enrollment in the math course for which they tested. 

    Component 3: Concurrently with the review of percentiles achieved on the Iowa Assessments, current 5th-grade math teachers will provide recommendations for students to ensure that students are appropriately identified to complete component 2. 

    Opting out: If you would not like your student to participate in the universal testing of 5th graders for math placement, please complete the brief form below. Your student will be offered alternative activities during the testing in class. OPT OUT FORM

    Students currently receiving Highly Capable services: Students will complete the Iowa Assessments in Math and Computation on 7th-grade standards since they are currently engaged in 6th-grade curriculum full-time. If students score in the 80th percentile or higher or if their teacher recommends they take the challenge exam for 8th-grade math, they may take the challenge exam for 8th-grade math. If students score below the 80th percentile, they will be automatically enrolled in 7th-grade math as part of the typical progression from HiCap 5th-grade math. 

    Double acceleration and triple acceleration: If your student wishes to attempt to double or triple accelerate in math beginning in 6th grade, your student will take the Iowa Assessment for the grade-level math for which they are testing. For double-acceleration, students will take the 7th grade Iowa Assessment. For triple-acceleration, students will take the 8th grade Iowa Assessment. If they score in the 80th percentile or higher on the respective exam, they will move to step 2 of the process outlined above for the course in which they are seeking enrollment. Students who attempt to double or triple accelerate who do not qualify to move to step 2 must then complete the single acceleration test on June 9 at Islander Middle School from 2:30-4:30pm. (Details will be provided to those for whom this applies.) You must complete the following form to nominate your student for double or triple acceleration. 5th Grade DOUBLE OR TRIPLE ACCELERATION NOMINATION FORM


    Current 6th-7th Grade Student Qualification Requirements:

    SPRING 2021: Due to school closures for the COVID-19 pandemic, students were unable to complete Smarter Balanced testing during Spring 2020; therefore, we do not have scores to use to send out invitations to students for testing. Consequently, nominations are open for any current 6th or 7th-grade student who wishes to attempt to test into an accelerated math course. Please carefully consider a student's current progress in their respective math course and the student's performance on previous Smarter Balanced assessments. Students should consistently earn 4's (elementary) or A's (middle school) in their math courses and have previously scored a Level 4 on the SBA to consider taking the accelerated math assessments. Students will take the challenge test for the grade level they want to demonstrate mastery of; students need to score at least an 80% on the challenge test to demonstrate this mastery.

    There are no challenge opportunities for Algebra or Geometry as these two courses are required for graduation. 

    This testing is intended for students who are either not currently in an accelerated course or for students who are currently in accelerated math who wish to test into double-accelerated or triple-accelerated math. 

    Is your student currently in an accelerated math course? Students currently in an accelerated math course do not need to test to move to the next level - they will matriculate to the next course in the accelerated math sequence. Students who are in pre-Algebra need not nominate, as they will go into Algebra automatically. 



    Nomination Forms:

    Nominations will be open through Friday, June 4 at 5:00PM.
    NOMINATION FORM FOR CURRENT STUDENTS IN GRADES 6-7 (who are not currently in accelerated math or who are pursuing double-accelerated math)

    Prior to filling out a nomination, please view our math continuum (below) to be certain of your course selection. 

    The 2021 Accelerated Math Testing date is June 9, 2021, from 2:30PM - 4:30PM at Islander Middle School. Additional testing information will be provided by the IMS Assessment Coordinator as the date approaches. 


    More Information: