Accelerated Math

  • There are some students who are ready for an accelerated math trajectory. To accommodate these students, the District provides on-ramps for students to accelerate through the material in an effort to keep the students challenged. The process for placement in accelerated math is different, depending on the student's grade

    Placement Tools:

    Student placement will be performed by elementary and middle school principals and/or designees using a combination of the following criteria to develop a math profile.

    • District math assessments 
    • Smarter Balanced assessments 
    • Report card information
    • Qualitative data related to math progress


    All 4th-grade students' families will have the opportunity so self-select "Traditional 5th-Grade Math" or "Accelerated 5th-Grade Math" during the spring of their 4th-grade year. Information will be disseminated from each building principal.

    Qualification Requirements:

    5th-7th grade:
    • Smarter Balanced Assessment: Mid-level 4 (below)
    • If students score a mid-level 4, then they will be invited to take the school achievement test. Once a student's family receives an invitation to test, they must complete the online nomination form (see link below).

    Mid- Level 4 Qualifying Scores

    Grade 5

    Grade 6

    Grade 7





    Nomination Forms:

    Nominations for students in grades 5-7 will open on May 8, 2020 at 9:00 AM and will close on May 20, 2020 at 3:00 PM.

    Prior to filling out a nomination, please view our math continuum (below) to be certain of your course selection. 

    The 2020 Accelerated Math Testing date is June 3, 2020, after school.

    NOMINATION FORM Grades 5-7: Note that students already in accelerated math will continue to the next level without nominating. Additionally, students who are in pre-Algebra need not nominate, as they will go into Algebra automatically. 

    BEFORE you begin the nomination: Once you've hit submit, your nomination will be sent to the appropriate parties. You will receive information regarding qualification for an invitation AFTER Smarter Balanced preliminary scores have been reported by the state.

    Fifth-grade Highly Capable students: Students in fifth-grade Highly Capable classes will move into sixth-grade accelerated math. 

    More Information: