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    It seems so long ago now, but the final week of January was the Great Kindness Challenge week and we had great participation this year! Most students at West Mercer participated in this challenge to create a kind community! All students received a sticker to show their pride in being “kindness certified” and our students with the highest level of participation will also be receiving “kindness matters” rubber bracelets. What I am very happy to report is that kindness is continuing at West Mercer. In many classrooms, they are continuing to promote and track acts of kindness. Thank you to all who have supported this effort as I believe it really is true that KINDNESS MATTERS!

    Important Notes:

    Science Fair
    The annual West Mercer Science Fair is coming! This event is another highlight of our school year and I encourage you to “save the date”, whether your child plans to participate or merely observe. It is an evening to remember, again sponsored by West Mercer PTSA. Date and Time: Wednesday, March 11th.

    District Fine Arts Showcase
    The annual Fine Arts Showcase is scheduled for Monday, March 24th (visual arts focus) and Tuesday, March 25th (performing arts focus). This is an amazing event that highlights the creative and artistic talents of students across the district. Each of our West Mercer students will have artwork displayed in the hallways at Mercer Island High School. The art can be viewed either evening. On Tuesday the 25th during the performing arts focus event our 3rd graders will sing and play instruments along with all other 3rd graders from the four other elementary schools. Please mark your calendars and be on the lookout for more information to come.

    State Testing
    With spring comes our annual state testing requirements. The main purpose of these tests is to see how the school and school district is doing (are we appropriately serving students). These tests are just one mark during the entire school year for students and as such are never taken in isolation when looking at a single student’s performance. All students in grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th will have 4 days of testing—2 for ELA (reading and writing) and 2 for math. Most students complete these tests before lunch but students are allowed to continue testing until the day is over. In addition, all 5th graders will take a state Science test (this is a single day). We ask that you avoid pulling your child out of school on these testing days and that students arrive on time. The dates for the tests are: Monday, April 20th and Tuesday, April 21st—ELA, Tuesday, May 5th—5th grade Science, and Monday, May 11th and Tuesday, May 12th—Math.

    Lost and Found
    It is strongly recommended that you write your child’s name on the items that they bring to school (lunch boxes, water bottles, and ESPECIALLY coats and sweaters). Items that are left behind by students that are labeled are returned to them. Items that are left behind by students and are NOT labeled are put on a table by the exit to our buses. The pile of unclaimed items grows bigger each day. Periodically during the year we donate these leftover items to charity. These items will be donated to charity at our spring break. Please encourage your child to collect their missing items BEFORE we leave for spring break!

    Dates of Note for March and April:

    • March 6: Parent Playground (12:20-1:00 for K-2 and 12:45-1:25 for 3-5)
    • March 11: Science Fair, 5:00-7:30 pm
    • March 13: Parent Advisory Council, 9:30-10:30
    • March 20: NO SCHOOL
    • March 24: Fine Arts Showcase (Visual Arts focus) MIHS, 5-7 pm
    • March 25: Fine Arts Showcase (Performing Arts focus) MIHS, 5-7 pm
    • March 27: Progress Reports available in Skyward at 5:00
    • April 3: Parent Playground (12:20-1:00 for K-2 and 12:45-1:25 for 3-5)
    • April 6-10: Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)
    • April 20: 3-5 grades ELA (English Language Arts) SBA (Smarter Balanced Assessment—state test)
    • April 21: 3-5 grades ELA (English Language Arts) SBA (Smarter Balanced Assessment—state test)
    • April 23: PTSA Membership meeting, 9:30 am
    • April 28: MISF Breakfast of Champions

    As we look towards the end of March and into April, we will be entering important state testing times. Please help us create a positive climate for these assessments by encouraging your child and supporting them with a good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast. Thank you!

    Warmest regards,

    Carol Best                                                           Melanie Ready
    Principal                                                             Associate Principal
    West Mercer Elementary                                 West Mercer Elementary & Northwood Elementary