• Specialists Rotation Schedule

    At Northwood, students attend specialist classes, (Music, P.E., and Spanish) on a rotating schedule. The Specialist Rotation Schedule shows what specialist class your child will attend on a given date during the school year.  Our days are color coded (yellow, blue, and green), so that students, teachers, and parents can see what specialist they visit on each colored day. Teachers at each grade level are assigned an A, B, or C designation, shown at the bottom of the schedule.  If I am in a C class, I will always have Music on a blue day, PE on a green day, and Spanish on a yellow day. 
    This schedule is built to print out on a single sheet of paper and can be a handy planning tool to keep on the refrigerator or by the family calendar.
    Click here to download and print : Northwood Specialists Rotation Schedule 
    Specialist Rotation Schedule