Technology Resources

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    Meet your Technology TOSA team:

          Justin Talmadge (high school)                           
                                                                                      (206) 236-3313    
          Becky Mullvain (middle school)                       
                                                                                      (206) 275-5967
          Clay Laughary (high school/middle school)               
                                                                                      (206) 236-3313 MIHS  (206) 275-5967 IMS
          Julie Hovind (elementary school: 3-5 focus)               
                                                                                      (206) 227-4026
          Kara Millsap (elementary school: k-2 focus)              
                                                                                      (206) 414-8341
    We are here to support teachers integrating new technology effectively in their classrooms. Staff are welcome to contact us for additional training or classroom lesson/project requests. Please email us with your requests.