• Schoology

    Parent Codes for creating a NEW parent Schoology account will be mailed home in September. (Your account from last year will still work.)
    If you would like a parent account and did not receive your unique code or if you have any questions regarding Schoology, please contact Kristina Getty and Clay Laughary, our MIHS Instructional Technology Coaches, by email.


    What is Schoology?


    Schoology is an internal, educational Learning Management System and social networking platform that offers us a space for online learning, communication, collaboration, and increased student access to curriculum and supplemental content.


    • The Mercer Island Schoology site is not visible to the public. All students will have an account at the start of school after they are taught our online rules and expectations, and how to properly use Schoology for school.


    Student Login Information: (The account is linked with the student's MISD google account)



    Student username:  firstname.lastname@misd400.org

    Student password:  misd.studentID#




    •Parent Schoology account information will be mailed to the address listed in Skyward Family access.  Creating a parent account is OPTIONAL.  One parent account can be used to monitor any MISD students (IMS and MIHS) in a particular family. 

    For instructions see the how-to's below.


    How-To instructions for Parents

    Digital Citizenship/Online Safety


    Learning to safely navigate in an online learning environment is an important aspect of a 21st century education.


    Utilizing Schoology allows students to learn how to leave a positive digital footprint in a controlled site, which helps to prepare them for interacting in a global, digital world. 


    What will my child use Schoology for?

    Here are a few of the ways students at MIHS use Schoology:


    submitting assignments

    calendar – which they can also personalize

    due dates for all homework assignments

    accessing materials (handouts, links, videos, etc.)

    Online class discussions, polls, quizzes

    asking questions to the class

    messaging staff members