• Ms. Pettigrew

    Name: Michelle Pettigrew
    Grade: Fourth Grade
    Room: 26
    Email: michelle.pettigrew@mercerislandschools.org
    Phone: (206) 230-6212

  • 2019-2020 Class Mission Statement 

    Room 26 Mission Statement 

    We are hard-working Lakeridge Lions and we are the best students.

    We are safe, respectful, and responsible.


    We will respect each other, and always be cooperative, supportive, and encouraging.

    We believe that empathy, kindness, and honesty are important.

    We will treat others the way they want to be treated.


    We are unique – be yourself and don’t judge others!


    We will use our materials appropriately – they are tools, not toys!


    We will always have eyes and ears on the speaker, no matter who is talking.

    That means – no talking when they are talking! And NO blurts!


    We are never done learning – we are lifelong learners.

    Be confident! We can do hard things!

    We will never give up.

    And remember, mistakes are proof you’re trying!


    It is important to be ready to learn, and have fun too!


    And remember, the bell does not dismiss you,

    “IIIIIIII” dismiss you!



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