• Family TimeHello everybody,Mier
    This is Mr. Alin and I am super excited for yet another great year, although it may look a bit different these days, of teaching physical education at West Mercer Elementary. This will be my 22nd year at this school, doing what I love most, sharing my passion and knowledge of physical education with my students. Our program here at West maintains a strong emphasis on kindness, individual development, team work, skill acquisition, goal setting, and encouraging healthy lifelong choices and activities. With our older students, we'll also introduce health/fitness concepts as well as goal setting and fitness planning. 
    A bit about myself. I am a native from the gorgeous PNW. I have a wonderful wife, also from this great region, two young sons in middle and high school, and a sweet photogenic dog. When not teaching, I take full advantage of our beautiful city and stay active running, paddelboarding, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. In the last several years I have climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan, and summited both Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier in our very own Washington State.
    I am truly looking forward to teaching and learning with all of you this year. It will look different undoubtedly, but we will have fun, learn, and grow together. Have a fantastic year and welcome back ; )
          ~Mr. Alin

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