Mindfulness at Island Park Elementary

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    Island Park Elementary School is thrilled to be implementing a school-wide Social-Emotional Learning program starting this 2014-2015 school year! We are very excited to have full support of the MISD Instructional Materials Committee as well as the MISD School Board! We believe that every child deserves not only the best academic education, but also the opportunity to develop socially and emotionally with their peers and as part of their community.
    Thanks to the generous support of the Island Park PTA, we are able to provide the Mindful Schools curriculum to all IP students this school year!
    Mindful Schools, based out of Emeryville, CA has developed this curriculum to teach Mindfulness strategies to youth across the globe. To find out more about Mindful Schools please click the following link:
    What is Mindfulness?
    Mindfulness is paying attention to whatever you are experiencing, on purpose, with kindness and curiosity.
    The children will have lessons in Mindful Bodies, Mindful Listening, Mindful Breathing, Generosity, Kindness, Gratitude, Mindful Test Taking, Mindful Movement and more...
    Mindfulness has demonstrated effectiveness in the following areas:
    - Increasing Focus and Attention
    - Increasing Empathy
    - Increasing Self-Awareness
    - Decreasing Impulsivity
    - Increasing Positive Coping Skills
    - Decreasing Anxiety
    The Island Park Mindfulness Team
    I am so pleased to be helping implement this program this year with the help of the following Island Park staff who have generously given their time to get trained in the curriculum over the summer months and are part of the new Island Park Mindfulness Team!
    Heidi Arvish, Kristin Brintnall, Anne Hritzay, Kerida Millison, and Tiffany Nelson
    Should you have any questions about this program, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at Liana.Montague@mercerislandschools.org
    Liana.Montague, MA LMFT
    Mercer Island Youth and Family Services Counselor
    Island Park Elementary