• Mrs. Barton

    Name:Marie Barton
    Grade: 9-12
    Office Number: 306B
    Email: marie.barton@mercerislandschools.org


    6th Period - French II  
    7th Period - AP French 
    Thank you for visiting my teacher page. This is the place for students and parents to find the course description, handouts, assignments, due dates, and other information. E-mail me at any time if you have questions.
    How to contact Mrs. Barton:
    Please do not plan on talking to me between classes during passing period. There is simply not enough time.   
    1. In person in my office - 306B. I will be available after school. E-mail me to make an appointment to meet or stop in for a visit.
    2. E-mail. During the week, I check my e-mail several times a day.