Public Records

  • Making public records requests 

    The Mercer Island School District is committed to public accountability and open government. It is the policy of the district to make available to the public any and all identifiable district records, subject only to exceptions contained by law.

    The Mercer Island School District responds to Requests for Access to Public Records in accordance with state policy in RCW 42.56 and Mercer Island School Board policies 4040 and 4040P. Please review the policies before making your request.

    To request any public records of the Mercer Island School District, please make requests to the Public Records Officer. All formal requests must be submitted to the district in one of the following ways:

    By Mail

    Mercer Island School District
    Public Records Request
    Attn: Michelle Mueller
    4160 86th Ave SE
    Mercer Island, WA 98040

    By Email

    There is no form that needs to be completed for your initial request. In order to ensure the district can respond effectively, please make requests as specific as possible. Once a request is received by the district, the district will respond to the requestor within five (5) business days. If the district needs additional time to respond, the requestor will be so notified. 

    If you are making a request for student or staff directory information, you may be asked to sign a declaration that the information will not be used for commercial use.

    Available documents

    The Mercer Island School District already offers many readily available documents online. These documents include board policies, meeting agendas and minutes, all written records as part of agenda items including but not limited to briefing papers, newsletters and press releases, finance information, enrollment and class size statistics, collective bargaining agreements, and much more.

    Compliance – Formal public records requests opened

    In accordance with Mercer Island School Board Policy 1800-OE-9, the district provides a synopsis of the information requested in all public records requests, who requested it, whether they picked up the district’s response, the number of pages provided and an approximation of the cost incurred by the district in fulfilling each individual request to be posted on the district’s website.