• Current 9th Grade Course Enrollment


    Math course placement for incoming students is taken very seriously by parents, teachers and students.  Everyone wants each student to be enrolled in the most appropriate class.  The ideal placement for students is the course where they can:

    -develop their skills/understanding at the pace of the course,

    -build their confidence in mathematics,

    -be adequately challenged so they will be actively engaged in the course,

    -not allow their math course to overwhelm their overall schedule.

    Below is some information about the current 9th grade math enrollment and additional material to help you make an informed decision about the course that is most appropriate for your student. If you still have questions please contact Kim Schjelderup (math dept. chair.)


    Additional Course information/Sample Syllabi


     Document Title

    Algebra 1


    Class Expectations

    Honors Geometry



    Course Information

    Algebra 2

    Honors Algebra 2

    Course information

Last Modified on August 25, 2013