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    So how do I get involved?
    Step 1: Contact one of the coaches in person or by email.
    Since the pink slips were anonymous, we really don't know that you personally want to get involved.  So let us know if you are interested.  The chart below indicates our availability (two of the four yellow blocks are dedicated to instructional coaching); we will make every effort to meet at your convenience.
    Step 2: First Meeting - Overview of the Process
    The purpose of the first meeting is to introduce the focus of the instructional coaching model and to present the process.  To make this meaningful for you, please think about a previously-taught lesson prior to this meeting; we will use your lesson to gain some common language and perhaps set a focus for subsequent observations.
    Step 3: One-to-one Coaching without Observation
    Together, we will go through this phase of the process a couple of times.  We will preview a planned lesson of your choice based on the identified focus(es) from the first meeting.  After the lesson, we will debrief the lesson by discussing what happened, what didn't happen and what could have happened while reflecting on your instructional focus.
    Step 4: One-to-one Coaching with Observation
    This phase has two options, both of which we hope you will experience during this step.  
    1. The first option is a classroom observation. We will preview your planned lesson based on your chosen focus(s) as we did in step 3.  Then the coach will do a observation (10-20 minute) during your lesson and follow-up with a debrief session. 
    2. The second option is doing Simulated Learning Walk by watching selected videos; we follow the same protocol as a class observation.  The goal of this second option is to ready you to participate in Live Learning Walks starting in January.
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