• Harry    Name:                 Harry Brown, MIYFS IMS
       Email:                 Harry.Brown@mercerislandschools.org 
       Phone:              (206) 230-6154
       For more information, please visit me on Schoology.


    As the Mercer Island Youth & Family Services Counselor at IMS, I provide individual, family and group counseling services for students and their families.  My work includes classroom presentations and leading group activities to support healthy emotional and interpersonal development.  I can be reached at 206 230-6154. Click on links for additional information.

    Clubs & Activities:
    Sources of Strength Student leadership group focused on supporting the IMS community. Sources of Strength uses the power of peer social networks to provide messages of Hope, Help and Strength. This upstream model strengthens multiple sources of support (protective factors) around young individuals so that when times get hard they have strengths to rely on. The meetings include additional training as well as informal opportunities to check in with other Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors, Harry Brown, Dru Klein, Jayna Dash and Bernadette Bacino.  Weekly meetings are on Wednesdays during lunch in room 108.