Welcome to the MIHS Personalized Learning Program (PLP)
    and the Adult Transition Program (ATP) 
    Christine Kenyon and Kelsey Boosman, MIHS PLP
    Karin Shelton, ATP 
     Christine     Kelsey Karin 
     206-236-5638    206-236-3299  206-230-6282
     christine.kenyon@mercerislandschools.org  kelsey.boosman@mercerislandschools.org  karin.shelton@mercerislandschools.org
     Room 316  Room 314  Crest Learning Center
     Planning periods: 2nd, 4th  Planning periods: 2nd, 7th  
      Mercer Island Speech and Debate  
    Important Contact Numbers:
    MIHS Main Office 206-236-3350
    MISD Transportation 236-3335 
    MISD Information Line 236-3366 
    To donate to MISF, please click here: http://www.mercerislandschoolsfoundation.com/