Kids Company

  • Kids Co.’s before and after-school programming is designed to meet the particular needs kids have during the non-school hours. Under our care, young bodies are refueled with nourishing snacks; given time for self-directed, free-play; and invited to participate in fun group activities, such as cooking, indoor and outdoor games, arts and craft, drama, teambuilding and science.

    Our daily schedules intentionally weave opportunities for children to burn off their ample energy with experiences that help their minds and bodies wind down. We aim to create a stable and enriching after-school environment that supports children no matter how they are feeling on any given day, one that encourages them to build life-long friendships, discover interests and talents, and explore the world at large. We offer an enriching before and after-school program for your child along with an exciting Summer Day Camp Program!

    Please feel free to contact Amanda Sherry, Program Director at 206-437-8396