Clockhours at MISD

  • Collecting and recording clockhours can be confusing.  Please review the information below (including the flowchart) to find answers to your questions.

    Signing up For Courses
    All MISD offered trainings will be listing is  
    Be sure to use these helpful instructions for using the PDEnroller website.

    Attendance Verification
    Participation is recorded by the presenter or by sign-in sheet. This attendance is then recorded in the PDE website.  Courses will not appear on your transcript until all of the following are complete:
    1) The last meeting date passes.
    2) Attendance is entered and verified.
    3) A survey (if required).

    Printing a transcript
    Follow the instructions in this video  

    Other Resources/Useful Links
    MISD Human Resources
    MIEA Contracts
    PDEnroller Login  

    EDS/OSPI Re-Certification
    Login Page
    User Guide
    Teacher Certification Information Page  

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    How many clockhours do I need to recertify?
       This changes from time to time.  Most people need 100 clockhours.  Some Certificates require STEM hours. See the OSPI website for information.

    What is the difference between a credit and a clock hour?
       1 college quarter credit = 10 Clockhours.

    How many clock hours and/or credits do I need for a salary increase?
        If you are starting with 0 previous credits and clockhours you will need 450 clock hours or 45 credits. Yes, they can be combined.

    What do I do with this clockhour certificate I got from a conference?
        You should make a copy (or scan and digitally save) and submit the original to HR for salary advancement.

    If I am already at MA + 90 on the salary scale do I need to turn in clockhours to HR?
       No. But, if you plan to recertify you will need to document 100 hours of PD during the past 5 years of your current certificate.

    Do I have to wait until I have 450 clockhours before turning them in to HR?
       No. You can and should submit your credits and clockhours once per year. With the exception of those at the MA+90 point, you can stop turning them in.