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MISD Plans to Monitor Weather Conditions and School Impacts

When snow, inclement weather, or poor air quality is in the forecast, we have a plan in place to assess and monitor weather and road conditions overnight, in the early morning hours, and during the school day.

For overnight issues our goal is to make information available to families about school closures or changes in school operations by 6:00am, but this can be delayed due to changing conditions.

Winter weather may bring road and driving conditions that cause changes in school operations such as delayed opening, early dismissal, or closure. The District takes into consideration the conditions on Mercer Island but also in surrounding areas where staff make their commute. The Superintendent, Director of Transportation, Director of Operations and Maintenance, and other administrators collaborate in the days leading up to a weather event to make sound and safe decisions during the weather event. 

The second link in the snow tab below shows how we communicate with families and the community about closures and delays due to winter weather.