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Qmlativ (Skyward) Family Access

In our ongoing effort to increase communication between school and home, we are pleased to offer Qmlativ (Skyward) Family Access to our families. Qmlativ is our statewide Student Information System (SIS), and all families have access to the system. 

With this online ability, you will be able to view your child’s schedule, daily attendance, quarter/semester grades and grade books, and general and emergency information. The information is on a secure server, and you will access the information using a unique login and password.

MIHS student schedules will are usually available the third week of August and and IMS student schedules are usually available in the last week in August. 

Click here for QMLATIV (Skyward) Family Access

Each school year, parents must complete the RSVP process to acknowledge important policies and complete required forms for schools. Parents will need to complete the RSVP process for each of their students by logging into Qmlativ's (Skyward) Family Access Portal. Parents can complete the RSVP process in mid August. These Qmlativ RSVP instructions will help parents complete the process.

Food Services

Mercer Island School District has made adding money to your student’s food service account easy and convenient! We now contract with RevTrak to provide a secure site for making online payments. You can find more information on our Online Payments For Food Services page.

Accessing Qmlativ on your Phone

Click here for instructions on updating the Skyward Mobile App for your phone or tablet.  If you previously had the app setup with Skyward, you will need to delete the old account in the app and add the new account connected to Qmlativ.  The name of the app is the same, Skyward Mobile.  For some users, it may require uninstalling the app altogether and re-installing it.

Viewing and Updating Contact Information in Family Access

Click here for a instruction document for families to update phone numbers and email addresses, along with Emergency Contacts, in Skyward Family Access.

Frequently Asked Questions