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Green Schools at MISD

For Earth Month in 2023, MISD is working with Ridwell to collect and recycle plastic film from MISD families.

Starting today we are hoping you can start collecting plastic film in your household like Ziploc bags, bubble wrap, air pillows used in shipping boxes, grocery bags, Prime shippers, cereal bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, produce bags, plastic wrapping and packaging, and poly-bags. From May 15 to May 19 students and families can drop off their collected plastic film at their school, which Ridwell will then pick up. 

Here is a full list of what items Ridwell will accept for our plastic film recycling event.

The purpose of this partnership with Ridwell is to heighten awareness that plastic film (one of the biggest environmental pollutants that a household can have an effect on) can't be recycled in your recycling bin, but has to be collected and specially recycled. 

This is the second year that the District is doing this event. Last year we collected 435 pounds of plastic film over just one week from all six of our schools! If we did this every week, it would be like saving plastic film equal to the weight of 2.5 elephants from the landfill each year! 

As a thank you for collecting and recycling your plastic film, Ridwell will donate $25 to the school of your choice for each family that signs up for Ridwell's porch pick-up service of things that can be reused or recycled but are not accepted in curbside recycling bins (like plastic film, batteries, lightbulbs & more). You can easily recycle plastic film all year with Ridwell, the service that is making this Earth Month collection possible for our district. 

Here is a link to flyers for each of our schools, as seen below, with information on our recycling event and the URL and QR code if you would like to sign up for Ridwell and have $25 donated to the school of your choice.

Here is the timeline of our plastic film recycling event:

April 17 – Families start saving plastic film
May 15-19 – Students/Families Drop off saved plastic film at their school

Earth Day 2023 Recycling Event