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Student Led Equity Groups

The District benefits from a healthy network of active student clubs supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools. Student organizations are essential to 1) supporting other students that represent historically marginalized groups, 2) develop cultural agility skills, 3) provide student-led input and advisory to the District. Contact each groups advisor for meeting dates and times. 

Student Organization Profile

Best Buddies

Advisor - Christine Kenyon

Officers - Kelly Cotter, Maeve Sullivan, Molly Brodsky, Vaiva Raisys, Casey Feldman, and Annie Sowards

Statement - Host monthly parties for people with and without disabilities to form friendships between people with and without disabilities and to educate the community on disability advocacy.

Black Student Union

Advisor - Kelly John Lewis

Officers - President - Ella Simpson, Vice President - Cole Drayton, Treasurer - Jamison Drayton, Secretary - Chris Clark

Statement - Black Student Union is a team of passionate Black/African American individuals who like to discuss the issues that minority races on Mercer Island experience on a day-to-day basis. As well as considering our differences, we discuss similarities by having group discussions on current events. We try to mentor each other by making sure that students are getting help in classes that they are struggling in, in order for them to succeed in the upcoming years. Black Student Union also has the opportunity to contract the Martin Luther King Assembly as well as Black History Month.

Different Learners Club

Advisor - Joe Bryant

Officers - Jaya Manhas

Statement - This club is to help students with learning challenges or 504/IEP plans. I want to remove any stigma towards learning challenges. I'd want to bring in counselors to talk about 504/IEP plans, put up posters around the school to show equality vs equity and host a night called "Walking in their Shoes" which simulates what it's like to have learning challenges for students or parents who don't understand the challenges we have to face.

Education Coalition for Asian Representation

Advisors - Danielle King

Officers - Olivia Guo(co-president), Garrett Lee(co-president), Anna Bertlin(secretary), Lena Hardisty(pr coord.), Harrison Wang (treasurer), Priya Bhananker(recruitment director)

Statement - ECAAR’s goal is to ensure the inclusion of essential Asian and Asian American history in the United States’ education curriculum. In this club, all participants will complete assignments that benefit the ultimate goals of this club. Current goals include: running monthly presentations in the spring of 2022, working on projects with local AAPI organizations, running a successful fundraiser, creating instagraphics, etc. Some tasks would include: research on major Asian American historical events, research on the legislature, compiling resources, creating social media content, etc.

Gender Equality Club (GEC)

Advisor - Curtis Johnston

Officers - Elena Lill, Nicole Henderson, Ava Yeh, Karen Zhang

Statement - Our mission is to promote local and global gender equality through discussion in our club and action in our community. We are dedicated to spreading social justice and equality through educating, spreading awareness, and serving charities that pertain to our cause.

International Club

Advisor - Susie Brown

Officers - Kelly Cotter, Isabella Muzio, Mustafa Agha, Sabrina Chun, Mia Nakano

Statement - Host monthly meetings to educate the community on international cultures. Invite speakers to talk about their culture. Engage exchange students and make sure they feel included in the school.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Advisor - Eric Goldhammer

Officers - Anita Melnik

Statement - The goal of this club is to create a fun and welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds and cultures. We also want to create awareness about ongoing antisemitism in the world. JSU meets during lunch with food provided that is free to everyone. Students will play fun and interactive games that include raffles monthly, such as AirPods, $100 gift cards, and more. Students will also be able to learn about Jewish culture and heritage.

Latinx Club

Advisor - Alma Parness

Officers - Sam Engelman

Statement - Our main goal is to provide a safe place for everyone to learn about, share, and experience different Latinx cultures. We are open to all MIHS students and staff who are passionate about strengthening and supporting the Mercer Island Hispanic/Latinx community—you don't have to be Latinx to join. Through conversations, volunteering, fun projects, and much more, we hope to better the world around us.

Lean IN

Advisor - Jocleyn Barber

Officers - Sophie Prock, Alex Weil, Lainie Wion, Charlotte Wood

Statement - Our club’s goal is to help educate women specifically about opportunities and different career paths related to women in the workplace. We want to empower women to follow their ambitions and career-related goals so that more women can reach their full potential. We meet every other Wednesday to network, discuss various business/career related opportunities, and play fun games! We hope to attend networking events in Seattle once COVID is over.

No Place for Hate

Advisor: Lisa Deen

Officers - Balter Wang, Rachel Senn, Allison Fallis (Allie)

Statement - We combat bias and bullying as a means to stop the escalation of hate in MIHS and the broader community, as well as help create a more inclusive school environment where all students feel seen, valued, heard, and understood.


Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)

Advisor - Patty Weston

Officers - Chase Schubert; Oliver Goeken; Kylie Hoeke

Statement - The QSA’s goals are to provide a safe sanctuary for the Queer students of MIHS where they can be accepted and be their true self. Straight allies are also welcome. If I could list any activities, they would all be gauged with raising awareness about the LGBT community in MIHS.

Student Group on Race Relations

Advisor - Kati McConn

Officers - Liv Talerman, Mimi Pietila, Allison (Allie) Fallis, Gina Djekkoun, Margaret Gallagher

Statement - Educational talks/lectures, potential community mural, community outreach, etc.

Student Voices For Change

Advisor - Erica Hill and Kelly John-Lewis

Officers - Student leaders from all the student led equity groups

Statement - Student Voices for Change is a group of leaders from all of the other clubs on Racial and Social justice with a mission to focus on our commitment to empathy, curiosity, and accountability, Student Voices for Change seeks to instate student-led initiatives that foster open dialogues, a sense of safety, equal opportunities, and a feeling of belonging for every MIHS student, regardless of their personal identity.

Women's Empowerment Group

Advisor - Jane Stafford

Officers - Gina Djekkoun

Statement - This group specifically focuses on empowering, educating, and bringing awareness on issues that minority, queer, first generation, and all women face. Our goal is to provide a safe space for all to come together to learn and share. Some activities may include community projects, films, guest speakers, presentations, discussions, volunteering and scholarship opportunities.