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Equity Policies

Mercer Island School Board Policies regarding Equity

Mercer Island Board Policy 1610 establishes a framework for the elimination of bias; particularly race, religion, national origin, gender, and culture. These student identities are often factors affecting student achievement and other learning experiences. The Mercer Island School District promotes learning and work environments that welcome, respect and value equity and diversity. As a requirement of Board Policy 1610, Equity and Diversity, the District is committed to hiring a staff that resembles our students and community. The District has an Affirmative Action Plan as required by OSPI, detailing the goals for achieving a diverse staff reflective of the community and student population. The District tracks the progress of the district plan by analyzing the diversity data each year and how the District has progressed over the previous five years. 

Mercer Island Board Policy 3210 is a nondiscrimination policy providing equal educational opportunity and treatment for all students across their academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular day. The policy states that discriminatory conduct by any person against any student will not be tolerated. The policy further requires action by a district employee to end the harassment, prevent recurrence and provide remedy when the employee knows, or reasonably should know, that such discriminatory harassment is occurring or has occurred.

Mercer Island Fundamental 5 directs the District to "Foster and embrace diversity, inclusiveness, and equity with a focus on respect and acceptance of every student." Annual monitoring reports based on the Superintendent’s interpretation measure quantitative key performance indicators and qualitative indicators showing efforts related to the three themes of diversity, inclusiveness, and equity.  

Beginning in 2020, the monitoring reports are based on the revised Superintendent's Interpretation approved by the Board on May 23, 2019.

 Date Approved  Monitoring 
 March 25, 2021  Monitoring Report
 March 12, 2020  Monitoring Report
 March 28, 2019  Monitoring Report
 March 22, 2018  Monitoring Report
 March 23, 2017  Monitoring Report
 March 22, 2016  Monitoring Report


External Equity and Civil Rights Information