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Community Equity Groups

One MI

The Organizing Network for Equity on Mercer Island is a community committed to joy and equity for our children.  

Our mission:

1) Enhance positive identity for children of color

2) Advance cultural competency in the Mercer Island community

3) Drive community-level policy change for equity

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Inclusion Project of Greater Seattle

Upholding the Jewish values of tolerance, inclusion and equality, we are committed to all residents and visitors feeling welcome on Mercer Island, no matter their beliefs or background.  

Do the Work MI Community

Do the Work MI is a group of white women committed to eliminating anti-Black racism by examining our whiteness, our role in perpetuating racist structures, and using our knowledge to promote racial equity and condemn and counteract anti-Black racism. 

Mercer Island Parent Edge  

Mission Statement

Parent Edge strives to facilitate conversations within and among families, schools and the greater community. To support that goal, we sponsor speakers and discussions across a variety of parenting and child development topics. We partner with a variety of organizations that share our mission. We strive to be timely, thought-provoking and practical. We believe that active and informed parenting cultivates healthy children, healthy families, and healthy communities.

What We Do. 

As a non-profit group and part of the Mercer Island School District PTA, we bring national speakers to the Mercer Island/Seattle/Eastside community on various topics directed at parents of kids in the K-12 age range. We are a team of engaged parents from the public schools on Mercer Island: Island Park Elementary, West Mercer Elementary, Lakeridge Elementary, Northwood Elementary, Islander Middle School, Mercer Island High School and the Mercer Island Preschool Association.

Parent Edge Policy Statement

Parent Edge believes that the latest scientific research and best practices in parenting, education, and learning should be available to our community. Parent Edge does not promote, endorse or offer our events as venues for any local or national political or religious group or collectively support any political or religious agenda.

Mercer Island Youth and Family Services

School-Based Services

MIYFS licensed mental health counselors are a critical part of the learning environment in each public school on the Island. Counselors work collaboratively with students, families and school staff to support the social and emotional needs of students in every school, helping them build a strong foundation for their future.