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Core Values, Vision and Mission

The Board of Directors Policy 0001 sets the District's direction by defining its Core Values, Vision and Mission. 

The new values, vision and mission statements center the District's work on students as the priority and educating the whole child.

The Student Focused Fundamentals sustain accountability of these goals through an annual monitoring and measuring process. All of this work was previously under Board Policy 2020 that has now been retired. 

Board Policy 0001

Students are the priority. We believe in:

  • Supporting the whole child
  • Creating inclusive and equitable learning settings
  • Ensuring our school communities are safe and supportive
  • Providing rigorous and challenging learning

Inspiring our students to be lifelong learners as they create their futures.

The District will foster learning by engaging students in thinking critically, solving problems creatively, and working collaboratively.
Operational Expectation 1800 OE-1 Student Focused Fundamentals
In accordance with the values, vision and mission stated in Board Policy 0001, the District will strive to achieve the following fundamentals, goals and objectives:

  1. Create a personalized learning environment where differentiated instruction, student-centered education and varied learning opportunities are responsive to students’ strengths, needs, interests, and passions.
  2. Maintain the highest learning standards in the areas of fine arts; health and physical education; English language arts; mathematics; financial education, science; environment and sustainability; social studies; world languages; computer science and educational technology.
  3. Develop self-awareness, empathy, emotional/social intelligence, responsible decision-making and citizenship.
  4. Engage students in analytical and critical thinking in order to identify and address global concerns.
  5. Foster and embrace diversity, inclusiveness, and equity with a focus on respect and acceptance of every student.