• Mercer Island High School Clubs

    The purpose of having clubs at MIHS is to allow students to explore and express their interests and passions with other students.

    There are many clubs and organizations that students can be involved with, that are both Co-Curricular and Non-Curricular related.

    ASB-Leadership's Role with MIHS Clubs

    The ASB-Leadership Class oversees and helps MIHS clubs be successful at Mercer Island High School.
    This is done by:
    1. Approving new clubs.
    2.  Managing clubs and their active status.
    3.  Approving Fundraisers clubs would like to participate in.
    4.  Approving Events clubs wish to hold at MIHS

    School Sponsored vs Student Initiated

    School Sponsored: student groups that the District believes significantly relate to and contribute to the learning opportunities of students in a manner consistent with the District’s legal obligations and current educational program offerings and goals They can be curricular or non-Curricular

                                                  i.     Curricular

    1.     A groups subject matter is actually taught (or will soon be taught) in a regularly offer course.

    2.     Subject matter concerns the body of a course as a whole

    3.     Participation in the group is is required for a particular course or results in academic credit.

    4.     Examples

    a.     Yearbook

    b.     Newspaper

    c.      Radio

    d.     Robotics

                                                ii.     Non-Curricular

    1.     Examples

    a.     National Honor Society

    b.     Athletics

    c.      Art Club

    Student-Initiated Clubs: A club or activity that does not have an academic component to it and is started by student interest.

                                                   i.     Must be voluntary and started by students

                                                  ii.     Not be sponsored by the school district

                                                iii.     Can not interfere with educational activities

                                                iv.     Students shall be responsible for the direction, control and conduct of the meeting

                                                  v.     Examples

    1.     Harry Potter Club

    2.     Be Kind Club

    3.     Schools Against Cancer

    MISD School Board Policies