• Prop. 1 – Providing Mercer Island students with the schools they need

    UPDATE: The Mercer Island Community approved this bond measure in February 2014.
    In September the Mercer Island School Board unanimously approved a $98.8 million bond proposal to be put before Mercer Island voters on the February 11, 2014 election ballot. The total package is worth $102.6 million, though $3.8 million would come through matching funds from the state of Washington. The bond would authorize three projects to address overcrowding issues in our schools.

    There are currently more than 4,120 full-time equivalent students in the district’s three elementary schools, middle school, high school and alternative program. According to figures from Triangle Associates two years ago and adjusting for enrollment increases, the district is now over design capacity by 746 students, resulting in reduced common spaces for students, 20-minute lunch periods and the use of 34 portable classrooms to help accommodate the current number of students.

    After months of public discussions, meetings and work by the Mercer Island community, school board and district, a bond proposal was approved by the school board to be sent to Mercer Island voters to fund three new facilities projects, including:
    building a fourth elementary school on the district-owned North Mercer campus,
    expanding Islander Middle School, including 14 classrooms and lab spaces, commons and cafeteria, gymnasiums, music rooms and administrative space, and
    • building 10 additional classrooms at Mercer Island High School, including four lab spaces and six general education classrooms.
    Read the resolution passed unanimously by the Mercer Island School Board on September 26 by clicking here.
    Learn more about the financing for the three overcrowding solutions by clicking here. These figures will be updated and noted as new information becomes available from King County.