• While we offer an array of different volunteer projects, our fantastic main projects this year will be the following:
    1. PEAK tutoring: Volunteering at Mercer Island PEAK from 4pm-5pm, tutoring 3rd through 8th graders in various subjects. This position as a regular, non-profit tutor looks great on a resume. The day of the week that we volunteer is flexible and subject to change depending on member input. We will poll members interested on which day of the week would work best for them upon registration. All PEAK volunteers will have to attend a half hour long volunteer orientation at the PEAK before volunteering. This orientation will be on the same day as the club retreat, just before the retreat starts.
    2. Sears Shopping Spree:  An annual holiday tradition for Rotarians, who gather dozens of volunteers to share a fun morning with kids from local schools. Kids are matched with volunteers; their shopping spree is bookended by breakfast and lunch in the store’s cafe. First they get coats, jackets and socks, in the room shown in our first clip – then it’s off to shop in the store, up to $100/child (Sears also provides a discount). Santa and a singalong will be part of the fun too!
    3. Rotary Run of Mercer Island:  Every year, thousands of runners and walkers cross the finish line at the annual springtime running of Mercer Island Rotary's Half Marathon which includes 10K and 5K races along with a Kids' Dash, all designed to help raise funds and awareness to fight colon cancer and to benefit an array of other charitable causes supported by the Mercer Island Rotary Club Foundation.
    Sophia Way Project: October 9, 2014
     NameI am in charge of bringing...
    Katie Hummel
     Megan Barbara
     Stephanie Lee
     Kelsey Yin
     Naomie Moore
     Serina Nguyen
     Esther Leung
     LC Chen
    Wesley Ecoiffier
     Roast Beef