Culture Project Source Tips

  • 7th Grade Culture Project Resources



    --U.S. History in Context (Gale/Cengage)

    --Research in Context


    --Others depending on your topic: check with library staff for more options 


    Reference Section in Library

    --resources need to stay in the library but you can photograph pages and several sources are available through Gale Virtual Reading Library under the databases page on library website


    People and primary or secondary source info

    --interview experts in the topic

    --primary sources: interviews with people who have firsthand knowledge or reviewing firsthand documents/photos



    --Video, photography, graphs, charts, data, people, documents...and on and on. 


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  • Culture Project Research Methods

    Tips for Researching a Topic

    1. Narrow your topic down based on your inquiry question: too broad is too much and too narrow doesn't give you enough to investigate. 

    2. Think around your topic: research information about the time period (what existed/what didn't; what else was taking place at that time); research significant ideas or concepts that are related to your topic (don't just look for a specific person, look for organizations, ideas, inspirations etc..related to that person

    3. Don't just think about what, think about why and how: think deeper and try to look at relationships between things, parts of the whole, significance, future potential, etc...


    Ask yourself: 


    Why does this matter?

    How did/can my topic impact humanity, the world, or a specific location or group?



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