Mercer Island High School

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FAQ iPad 1:1 Program

  • What are the goals of the 1:1 program?

  • Why was the iPad the selected platform?

  • How are tablets being used in the classroom?

  • Where did the funding come from?

  • How is the 1 to 1 iPad Program Evaluated?

  • Do we evaluate other tablets within the school district?

  • What are the student rules and accountability regarding iPad use?

  • How can I manage these devices in my house?

  • Why are students allowed to bring the devices home?

  • Are all teachers required to use the tablets every day?

  • What is the Apple Distinguished Program award and why was MISD selected?

  • What is the lifecycle of the devices and how are they being refreshed?

  • How are apps evaluated?

  • Will we have “loaner” iPads for students who forget theirs or have them available if one breaks?

  • What is the plan for initial and ongoing professional development for effective integration of iPads in a 1:1 program?

  • Are students allowed to purchase and read e-books on their school iPad?

  • Are laptop cart and computer lab classroom being phased out?

  • Can my student opt out of the iPad program?

  • Is the family/student really responsible for $400 if the iPad is stolen?

  • What capabilities does the management program have?

  • Can the students delete apps from the device if they don't use them?

  • Why put restrictions on the device at all?

  • Can students sync or back-up essential school documents?

FAQ iPad 1:1 Program