• Online Subscriptions Available for Home/Family Use

  • http://school.nettrekker.com/goLogout?np=/sections/login/login.ftl&pp=/sections/login/login.ftl  
    This is a search engine designed for education.  Sites are vetted for content, readability, interactive features and much more. Searches are leveled for elementary, middle and high school by tabs.   This is a great place to start research especially if you do not have a filter at home to protect your child from inappropriate sites. Click here for their quick start guide to get acquainted with the features available.  
    Each school has a unique log in. Your classroom teacher can give you that information.
    BrainPop                                     BrainPop jr. 
    www.brainpop.com        www.brainpopjr.com
    These sites offer brief, engaging and informative videos on a wide variety of topics.  Each video comes with activities, reading and interactive features.  Use these to research a specific topic or just to explore learning in general with their featured movie of the day.  There is a single log in for all three elementary schools.  Your classroom teacher can help give you that information.