Conferences and Grades

  • Conferences begin this week.

    Conferences present a wonderful opportunity for teachers, parents and, in some cases—students—to sit down together to discuss academic and social progress.  They are a chance for participants to ask questions, share relevant information, calibrate expectations, celebrate accomplishments, and set short and long term goals.

    Thank you in advance for arriving to your student’s conference on time. You may want to bring a short list of questions you intend to ask in order to use the limited time efficiently and to avoid forgetting what was on your mind prior to the meeting.

    Finally, regarding specific grades, it is best to direct questions to your child’s teacher.  And remember:

    • Find genuine ways to celebrate your child’s efforts. Listening to your son or daughter delight in explaining his or her successes works better than extrinsic rewards—it’s authentic—and cheaper.
    • Choose one or two key areas for improvement and calmly set goals. Goals should be realistic and achievable. Write them down and refer to them periodically with your child.
    • Grades belong to students, not parents. They are a means by which we can teach personal responsibility, natural consequences, and the value of hard work, good study skills and affirmative social skills.
    • Resist comparing a child’s grades with those of siblings or neighbors. Each child is unique and deserves to have grades kept confidential.
    • Stay positive!

    Thank you so much for supporting staff and student efforts.

    David Hoffman