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    Teaching 21st century children to make responsible decisions, to be good citizens of their school and community, and what is a safe and appropriate 'rite of passage' is spotlighted in this E-Connection. 

    Bike Rodeo marks a "rite of passage" for third-grade students at Lakeridge Elementary

    Eager children on bikes, enthusiastic parents with signs, friendly policemen checking helmets, all on hand for Lakeridge Elementary School’s annual Bike Rodeo. Held in the South Mercer Playfield parking lot, the “rodeo” consists of a series of stations for children to demonstrate their bike handling and safety skills. 

    • How do you enter a street from a driveway?
    • How do you steer around obstacles in the road?
    • What do you do first when you come to an intersection?
    • See if you can ride straight ahead and “scan” for cars and other riders behind and to your side.
    All of these skills are critical for bike riders of all ages, but particularly important for young riders venturing out on their own for the first time.

    “The children really look forward to riding their bikes to school,” said teacher Lucy Anderson. “It’s like a ‘rite of passage’ to experience the freedom of greater independence.” But it’s also a huge responsibility for the students, parents and community to make sure the children have the skills and understand the “rules of the road” for bike riders. “We are incredibly grateful to our parent volunteers, the Mercer Island police and parent Brian Gierke of Gerk’s Ski and Cycle for helping us teach the children about bike safety,” said Amy Fujishige, parent and PTA coordinator of the event. “Bike Rodeo has become a tradition at Lakeridge that helps all of us be more confident when we watch our children cycle to school for the first time.”

    Lakeridge principal Fred Rundle added, “We all look forward to this fun event for third graders. It’s another way that our entire community comes together to help our students develop not only safe bike handling skills, but also responsible decision-making and citizenship. Thank you to all!”
    girl on bike
    Mercer Island policeman, parents, teachers and students participated in, and enjoyed, the Lakeridge Bike Rodeo.
    policeman and students
    "Experiencing the freedom of greater independence"; students also learned the rules of the road.
    boy on bike
    Bike technicians ensured all bikes were in optimum working order.
    bike tech