Dear Parents,


    Keeping the lines of communication open is essential in supporting your child’s emotional, social and academic growth. Your child is very special and his/her progress is of paramount importance to us.  Here are someways we can work as a team to keep the lines of communication open.

                                                                  Jan Vetter



    You may reach me in the following ways:

    1. E-mail:   E-mail address is jan.vetter@mercerislandschools.org I prefer to use E-mail for short messages and to set up phone or in-person conferences for concerns that require longer conversations.  I will try to respond within 48 hours to your E-mail.


    2. Telephone: 206-230-6242 for Jan Vetter. At this point my phone is not set up. I will let you know as soon as my classroom phone is working! I usually answer the phone or check messages before 8:50 or after 3:45.  If you have a message that needs to get to your child BEFORE 3:30 please call Carol Seibert in the office at (206-236-3410).  She will make sure that your child and I get the message right away. My cell phone number is 206-422-0815. If you need to reach me before 7:00, pm try my classroom phone first. If you can’t reach me at school call my home phone.


    3.  Letters Home:  Please check your child’s Eagle’s folder nightly for important information about upcoming events such as field trips, special projects etc.


    4.  Homework Notebook: Read and sign your child’s Homework Notebook daily. Along with homework assignments, your child will also write you important reminders here. Since I check their Homework Notebooks daily, this is a great place to send me a quick note.


    5. Website:  Please check the first grade and my website for additional resources.  http://teachers.misd.k12.wa.us/ip/index.php