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    FIRST GRADE SHOWCASE SONGS: Best Friends | Child of Tomorrow  |Lyric Sheet  |  Information Letter

    The Island Park choir is open to all Island Park fourth and fifth grade students. Students perform pieces from a variety of genres and styles in performances throughout the school year including the school's annual Veterans Day Assembly and evening celebration and the All-Island Choir Festival at MIHS in March. Students learn to sing in 2-3 part harmony and how to prepare for a performance while enjoying the camaraderie of their peers. 
    Led by Mrs. and Mr. Hamp, the choir meets seasonally on Wednesday mornings from 8:15-8:55am in the IP music room. All interested fourth and fifth graders can pick up a permission form from the music room or download it below. Questions? Feel free to contact Mrs. Hamp.  We hope you will join us! 
    The 2019-2020 Island Park Spring Choir season will begin on Tuesday, January 26th and ALL fourth and fifth grade students are welcome to join us! We will be preparing for the very popular All-District Choir Concert performance on Thursday, March 18th which will be performed at MIHS and will feature the choirs of Island Park, Lakeridge, Northwood, West Mercer as well as Islander Middle School and the Mercer Island High School.
    Below is more information as well as a permission form. Mr. Hamp and I look forward to singing with you!!  Mrs. Hamp
                             2020 Winter Choir Permission Form 
    Performance Information:
    Final Rehearsal: 4-5pm at the Mercer Island HS PAC (Performing Arts Center/Auditorium)
    Concert: 7-8pm in the MIHS PAC
    Attire: White top, black pants/skirts, dark shoes
    Please bring cookies to share for an after concert celebration!
    Music Files: To access the music, simply click on the song title. Once on the webpage, press the play button located on the bottom left of the page.
    Elementary Choir: Calico Cat by Andy Beck  (combined elementary choirs)                         
    Ahrirang by Mark O’Leary (combined elementary choirs)                            
    All-District Choir:  Sisi Ni Moja by Jacob Narverud (combined elementary, middle, high school)
    Amani by Audrey Snyder (combined elementary, middle, high school)
    Good Ways to Practice: 
    • Background music: put these links on in the background while you do homework, play video games, read, do chores... 
    • The Hidden Word(s) Game: sing through one section of a song. Then, cover up some of the words, and try to sing through that section again. Can you remember the missing words?
    • Phone-A-Friend: find another choir friend to practice with! Challenge them to the Hidden Word Game and let them try to challenge you back.
    • Teach someone else: Do you have a little sibling or a friend who's not in choir? See if you can teach them some parts of the song! If you can teach it, that means you have learned it really well lyourself
    The 2019-2020 Choir season begins on Wednesday, September 25th at 8:15am to prepare for our annual Veterans Day assembly. Below is more information as well as a permission form.

    Mr. Hamp and I look forward to singing with you!!  ~ Mrs. Hamp
                         2019 Fall Choir Permission Form
    Choir will start up again on Wednesday, January 30th at 8:15am in the music room. Our concert this season will be at Mercer Island High School for the All-District Choir concert! This is a favorite performance as we will be singing with the other elementary choirs as well as the IMS and MIHS choirs, including the High School Jazz Choir! Look for more information as well as a permission form in January.  

    4-12 Grade Choir:     This is Me arr by Huff 
                                        Tumejuka Kuimba by Zettlemoyer  

    Elementary Choir:      Homeward Bound by Marta Keen/Althouse 
                                         Three Quotes by Mark Twain by Andrea Ramsey

    Third Grade Fine Arts Showcase 
    Songs and Letter

     Letter #1
    Oye:  recording  /  lyrics       
    Shake the Papaya Down:  recording  /  lyrics  
    Choir will start up again on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at 8:15am in the music room. All fourth and fifth graders are welcome to join! Look for more information as well as a permission form in April.  
    Veterans Day Program Performances 11/8/18 Songs
          Lyrics sheet here!
          Listening Tracks here:
               Fifty Nifty United States                                        Fifty Nifty United States (home version!)        Fifty Nifty (acc)
               All of One Heart                                                      All of One Heart (home version!)                      All Of One Heart (acc.)
               Colonel Bogey's Grand Old Flag                           Colonel Bogey's Grand Old Flag, acc. 
               Singing Freedom's Song                                        Singing Freedom's Song, acc.
                    Old Veterans Day Songs Listening Tracks here:
                            I Have a Dream (accomp)
                            Let Freedom Ring (vocals)                               Let Freedom Ring (accompaniment only)
                            We Will Stand as One (vocals)       
                            We the People (vocals)                                     We the People (accompaniment only) 
                            "A" is for America"                                       
                            Wakko's America
                            President's Hall of Fame (vocals)                   President's Hall (Mr. Hamp & recorder!)
                            Veterans Day Song Sheet