By-Laws And Operating Procedures

  • I. Purpose

    The PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) is the advisory body to Island Park Elementary School Principal. The PAC identifies, studies and makes recommendations in areas identified, providing school community input to those areas. The PAC addresses all Island Park issues brought to its attention by staff members, the Principal, and/or parent representatives.  These issues may include, but are not limited to:

    • School Parent Communication
    • District Strategic Plan
    • District Curriculum Updates
    • School – PTA Initiatives
    • School Improvement Plan
    • Facilities
    • Levy/Bond Issues
    • School/City
    • School/School Board Liason
    • Staff Support

    II. Membership and Selection

    The PAC will consist of 1 parent per grade and 1 parent rep for ELL, the PTA President, 2 teachers, and the Principal. Selection of parent representatives will be by written application to the parent constituency on the PAC.  PAC openings and the application process will be publicized to all parents through various communications.  The applicants will be reviewed by current parent representatives who will recommend a candidate for each open position.  Candidates will be selected by the last meeting of the year for the next year’s PAC.

    Term of service for parent representatives will be for two years, with staggered terms, unless it is determined that a one-year term will be necessary to ensure that the make-up of the council is representative of all grade levels.  The PTA President will serve on PAC for the term of his/her presidency and will provide a means of communication between PAC and the PTA by reporting activities of PAC to PTA and vice-versa.  One parent representative will serve as a liaison to the school newsletter editor for publication of information.

    Faculty representatives are selected for a two year term by their colleagues.  They are selected on the basis of their commitment to PAC responsibilities.  Selection is subject to final approval by the Principal.

    III. Responsibilities of Members

    A member of the PAC represents his or her constituent group.  Specifically, members are expected t

    • Serve as a channel of communication between parents and the PAC.
    • Respond to input from the Island Park Principal’s Cabinet and parents in identified matters of mutual interest.
    • Remain well informed. Check out the facts, as well as believe in the efforts and intentions of the PAC.
    • Support the decisions made by the committee.
    • Assume a lead role in committee work.
    • Attend all meetings required in the activities of the PAC.
    • Maintain confidentiality of PAC discussions, as appropriate.

    Teacher representatives will liaison and communicate back with their constituent group. 

    IV. Decision Making

    The PAC acts as an advisory body to the Principal through the Principal’s Cabinet.  The PAC will make any recommendation after first discussing it and receiving input from the parents they represent.  The PAC will formulate their recommendations in writing and discuss them with the Principal’s Cabinet.

    When developing recommendations, the PAC will work to reach consensus on the issues before it.  The Principal will make the final decision based on advice and input form the PAC and the Principal’s Cabinet.

    V. Organizational Details

    The Principal will facilitate the meetings of the PAC.  The Principal will develop the agenda for each meeting in consultation with the Principal’s Cabinet and with PAC members.  Proposed agenda items should be submitted to the Principal by the Tuesday preceding the next scheduled monthly meeting.  Agendas will include:

    • A review of prior meeting minutes and follow-up on any outstanding items
    • Identification of recorder
    • Status of action items
    • Informational items
    • Identification of highlights for the communication with constituents

    Minutes will be taken by a member of the PAC; then sent to the Principal for editing.  The minutes will be distributed by email to all Island Park staff and PAC members, as well as posted on the Island Park website.  Brief updates will be placed each month in the Island Park Eagle newsletter or the Eagle Express.

    There will be a minimum of one meeting per month from September through May.  Any interested person may attend the PAC meetings to provide input as a non-voting participant.  Meetings may be canceled, based on agreement of members, if there are no agenda items.  Evening meetings may be scheduled as the PAC determines advisable.

    VI. Evaluation of Effectiveness

    Annually, members will assess areas of PAC operations that are promoting or inhibiting effective shared decision-making at Island Park School.  PAC will respond to recommendations for improvement as appropriate, and make changes to PAC operating procedures for the following year.

    By-law review revisions will occur every two years. You can download the bylaws outlined above here.

    Reviewed and Accepted 10/2010
    Next Review  9/2012