Art Docents

  • General Art Docent Orientation and Guidelines –  Learn More

    "IMPORTANT: Please note that while the lesson plans are available online, most lessons contain additional materials that must be obtained from the lesson box at the school. To ensure that you have all the necessary materials, please also check the lesson box at least a week prior to teaching the lesson."

    Island Part Art Docent Lesson Schedule – Learn More

    Lesson materials are limited so please review the Art Docent Class Calendar to avoid class scheduling conflicts - Last Updated 4/12/2012.

    Please email the Art Docent Co-Chairs to schedule your class lessons.

    Island Part Art Docent Lessons - Click Grade to Download

    Lesson 1: Dot and Ish
    Lesson 2: Colorwheel
    Lesson 3: Mondrian-Straight Line Design
    Lesson 4: Royal Portraits
    Lesson 5: Cezanne-Still Life
    Lesson 6: Eric Carl

    1st Grade
    Lesson 1: Kandinsky-Painting to Music
    Lesson 2: Matisse-Fish Bowl
    Lesson 3: Mosaics & Work of Laurel True
    Lesson 4: Paper Masks
    Lesson 5: Jackson Pollock-Abstract Expressionism
    Lesson 6: ButterflyPrints


    2nd Grade
    Lesson 1: Mercer Island Sculpture/Clay Owls
    Lesson 2: One Line Abstract Design w/Paul Klee
    Lesson 3: Alexander Calder & Mobiles
    Lesson 4: Picasso/Braque & The Mixed Up Face
    Lesson 5: Impressionism & Claude Monet
    Lesson 6: Pointillism/Surat-Aboriginal Australian

    3rd Grade
    Lesson 1: Artists Paint Their Feelings
    Lesson 2: Miro’s Shapes & Lines
    Lesson 3: Petroglyphs
    Lesson 4: Wacky World Color Wheel
    Lesson 5: Rousseau’s Jungles
    Lesson 6: Louise Nevelson Sculpture


    4th Grade
    Lesson 1: Positive & Negative Space
    Lesson 2: Andy Warhol’s Pop Art
    Lesson 3: M.C. Escher-Tessellations
    Lesson 4: Japanese Art & Print Making
    Lesson 5: Surrealism
    Lesson 6: Faith Ringgold

    5th Grade
    Lesson 1: Goldsworthy-Environmental Art
    Lesson 2: Your Name in Living Color
    Lesson 3: Perspective in Art
    Lesson 4: Theibaud
    Lesson 5: Chagall–Pioneer of Modernism
    Lesson 6: Joseph Stella-The Brooklyn Bridge