• Athletic Information For Students Who Wish To Be Student-Athletes In College/University



    Students who wish to be student-athletes in college/university must meet the requirements of the NCAA if they are going to play at a Division I or Division II school.  (See NCAAwebsite, www.ncaa.org, for complete lists of Division I, II, and III schools.) 


    The NCAA Clearinghouse is an organization outside of the NCAA which performs academic record evaluations to determine if a prospective student is eligible to participate at an NCAA Division I or II college/university as a freshman student-athlete.  All freshmen who would like to participate in any sport at an NCAA member institution (Division I or II) must register for the academic portion of the Clearinghouse. The registration process is completed online by visiting https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/. 
    Registration includes completing a:
    Student Release Form (SRF), *paying the registration fee ($50), completing the online registration.  A High School NCAA Transcript Release Form must be signed/acknowledged in RSVP Skyward.


    The NCAA publication: NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete contains complete and detailed instructions of the Clearinghouse registration process.  This publication is available at www.ncaa.org/library/general.