• Using the Library 

    The library is a great place to access resources, research, study, consult the librarian, and relax. Students are encouraged to use the library all through the school day.  Because the library must accommodate all students and staff, we maintain an atmosphere where behavior is governed by thoughtfulness and a cooperative attitude. There are three encompassing rules for the library:
    Make Good Decisions
    Solve Problems
    Show Respect
    Observance of these 3 rules helps us show consideration for others while accessing the library resources and sharing a common space!
    Classes, small groups, independent activities
    There are many different types of use happening in the library. This means the level of sound will vary depending on the use. Please be cognisant of the variety of needs the shared space must accommodate.
    Food and Drink
    Please stick to drinking water in carpeted spaces. If you must eat a snack while in the library, please be considerate of the next person using the space and throw away any garbage or take care of recycling. There is a school approved cleaning solution and paper towels at the circulation desk you can use to wipe down any surfaces.
    Community Resources and Spaces
    There are computers, a charging station, Textbooks for use while in the library, and a printer for school assignments. Please remember to show respect to the next person using the space when you use any resources in the library. Organize items into the correct location and clean up the space after you are finished, so the next person who uses the resources, supplies, or space can have a positive experience. 
    when finished leave area clean for the next person

    More About Your Library


    Circulation Policies for Library Books
    • Library Books are loaned for 3 weeks. The due date is stamped on a slip on the inside cover. If you need your book past the due date, renew, even without the book in hand. Avoid fines, turn in your book on or before the due date!
    • Overdue fines are 10 cents a day, with a maximum overdue fine of $5.00.
    • Damaged books will be assessed fines. You may be charged the full replacement cost if you return a library book in unusable condition.

    Circulation Policies for Text Books

    • Textbooks are checked out at the Circulation Desk through a separate tracking program.
    • If textbooks are not returned by the last day of the school year, they will be marked lost and a replacement fee will appear in your account.
    • If a textbook is found and returned by August 31 of the year it was lost, the District will refund the money paid.
    • Damaged books will be assessed fines. You may be charged the replacement cost if you return a textbook in unusable condition. Do not write in textbooks.
    • Cover your books. Putting a cover on your book makes it less likely to get switched with a friend's book, less likely to be taken by someone else, less likely to get damaged.
    Printing Policy
    • Use the printer to print school related documents only. One copy only, unless your teacher requires an additional copy. Need multiple copies for a club? Request photocopy service from your faculty adviser or coach. It is much cheaper to photocopy than to use printers.
    • Never print directly from the internet. Why? Printing directly from the internet often gives you graphics, sidebars, and a final page with only the address on it--all which you do not need. Instead highlight what you need, choose copy, open Word and choose paste.
    • Always check to make certain that the student printer-- Student Library Printer (desktop) or HS Library (iPad)--is selected in the print dialog box. If you need to print an assignment in color, ask library staff for permission to use the Color Printing Station.



Room Reservation

  • Request Use of a Room

    There are three spaces that can be reserved in the library: the Hume room, the Library Presentation Room, and the Library. If you need to reserve a space for use for a class or club, or other reason, please contact amanda.comeaux@mercerislandschools.org.

Book Drops

  • Need to return a book? 

    There are two convientent book drops, one in the hall outside the library and another on the left side of the circulation desk.