• Using the Library 

    The library is a great place to access resources, research, study, consult the librarian, and relax. Students are encouraged to use the library all through the school day. It is a quiet and calm location in the school. Because the library must accommodate all students and staff, we maintain an atmosphere where behavior is governed by thoughtfulness and a cooperative attitude. Please do not inconvenience, offend, or limit the rights of other patrons who want to access print and online materials, study and quietly enjoy the facility.
    Conduct your activities quietly
    Why? To avoid disturbing other library users. We have conference rooms where students may work in small groups.  Use the Conference Room Request Form to access these rooms.  Print, complete, have your teacher sign, and submit to library staff for access to the rooms.
    Eat or drink elsewhere
    Why? Food and drinks mess up study space. This inconveniences others and can cause damage to library materials and computers. Park food and drink at the circulation desk before using the library. Water in closed containers is permitted. Please be careful around computers and books.
    Use library equipment for designated purposes only
    Why? Computers are provided for students for the purpose of doing school work.  No personal printing. We expect you to follow the District's Electronic Information Systems (Network) Acceptable Use and Code of Conduct.

    More About Your Library

    Circulation Policies for Library Books
    • Library Books are loaned for 3 weeks. The due date is stamped on a slip on the inside cover. If you need your book past the due date, renew, even without the book in hand. Avoid fines, turn in your book on or before the due date!
    • Overdue fines are 10 cents a day, with a maximum overdue fine of $5.00.
    • Damaged books will be assessed fines. You may be charged the full replacement cost if you return a library book in unusable condition.

    Circulation Policies for Text Books

    • Textbooks are checked out at the Circulation Desk through a separate tracking program.
    • If textbooks are not returned by the last day of the school year, they will be marked lost and a replacement fee will appear in your account.
    • If a textbook is found and returned by August 31 of the year it was lost, the District will refund the money paid.
    • Damaged books will be assessed fines. You may be charged the replacement cost if you return a textbook in unusable condition. Do not write in textbooks.
    • Cover your books. Putting a cover on your book makes it less likely to get switched with a friend's book, less likely to be taken by someone else, less likely to get damaged.
    Printing Policy
    • Use the printer to print school related documents only. One copy only, unless your teacher requires an additional copy. No personal printing. This includes for clubs or activities. Request photocopy service from your faculty adviser or coach. It is much cheaper to photocopy than to use printers.
    • Never print directly from the internet. Why? Printing directly from the internet often gives you graphics, sidebars, and a final page with only the address on it--all which you do not need. Instead highlight what you need, choose copy, open Word and choose paste.
    • Always check to make certain that the student printer-- Student Library Printer (desktop) or HS Library (iPad)--is selected in the print dialog box. If you need to print an assignment in color, ask library staff for permission to use the Color Printing Station.